SIMPLEXITY is an online magazine for anyone and everyone with a professional interest in intralogistics. It offers new insights into this innovative world with content addressing all aspects of material and goods flows, from production, to put-away, storage, picking and distribution.

Intralogistics comprises the planning, monitoring and management of the flow of goods and
materials on a defined, self-contained premises – in contrast to transportation over significant
distances (generally via public roads or rail), i.e. logistics.

How do goods and materials get from A to B within a given facility in the fastest, safest and
smartest way? —
It is this and similar questions we seek to answer.  And we are not just
interested in the many processes involved, we also wish to look outside the usual box – and to
the future.

As a result, you will find SIMPLEXITY articles on emerging trends, on alternative propulsion systems, and on the latest safety systems.

OUR MISSION is to make the complex simple to understand. We know the issues that are front-and-center on decision-makers’ minds. And we provide answers. Without getting lost in technical jargon, unhelpful tangents or long-winded explanations. Instead, we deliver facts, transparency, insider knowledge and focus.

We promise to give you exactly the information you are looking for – brief, concentrated and to the point. And our name says it all: SIMPLEXITY is a portmanteau made up of simple and complexity. In other words, we make difficult subject matter easy to understand.