Dematic Virtual Showcases: digital interaction with proven experts

Industry 4.0, automation and e-commerce – the business world continues to evolve at high speed. And the (intra-)logistics sector is no exception. To keep pace with the latest advances requires a comprehensive overview and in-depth expertise. How can you ensure your company is fit for the future? How can you streamline and accelerate logistics processes? Experts from automation and intralogistics solutions provider Dematic will be answering these and other questions in the company’s Virtual Showcases.

The current pandemic is having a huge impact on the economy, and is forcing many businesses to rethink their processes and sales models. Online shopping is booming like never before, and enterprises must raise the speed and flexibility of order fulfillment. This is particularly true of food and traditional retail. For many, omnichannel is the way forward, i.e. customers are able to access the entire product portfolio across all sales channels. A key role in this strategy is played by urban micro-fulfillment centers, i.e. small distribution facilities directly integrated into physical retail outlets.

Dematic specialists will explain exactly how this works and what processes can best be automated in interactive web events through July 2, 2020. The company offers a variety of webinars, not just on micro-fulfillment but also other topics related to automation and Intralogistics 4.0. The online events offer attendees important insights into the featured subjects and provide a unique opportunity to communicate with proven experts, to exchange experiences and to pose questions – virtually, from anywhere. There are also additional information resources and references available.


Webinars on a total of nine topics at various times and dates, and in multiple languages: from cold chain solutions, to e-commerce, to digital transformation. Each event takes 45 minutes, including 15 minutes for questions and answers.

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