Short-term rental for periods of peak demand: how do I get hold of a forklift at the last minute?

There has been a continuous rise in the volume of parcels sent at Christmas – and this year will see new records set. So warehouse racking needs to be filled quickly, the contents picked and parcels shipped. How do you manage the additional workload for this limited period and ensure processes run smoothly? Simple: by renting forklifts short-term.

The figures are startling: 79.1 million parcels will be shipped daily in the USA between now and Christmas. In Germany, CEP providers expect a total of some 120 million packages, as confirmed by Olaf Schabirosky, CEO of parcel delivery service Hermes, to newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. And e-commerce players are getting their warehouses ready: online giant Amazon is to hire 100,000 extra staff for the holiday season – and they are not the only company to do so.

Temporary additional resources

So it is high time to be thinking about the forklift fleet: how many do you have? And are they all operational? Or do you need more vehicles? Leading intralogistics experts have recognized seasonal fluctuations and offer flexible solutions. Linde Material Handling, for example, offers the largest global rental fleet with more than 62,000 units all over Europe, with electric propulsion or internal combustion engines – or a mixed fleet.

“Our main task is to offer flexible solutions that suit our customers, wherever they are located” states Paulina Juarez, Senior Director, Used Trucks & Short Term Rental, EMEA at Linde Material Handling. “With our extensive and diverse portfolio, we not only provide our customers with an access to a wide range of equipment, but also with the opportunity to experience and try out the latest technologies and innovative products – another great positive side effect of short term rental solutions.”  

At Linde MH, it is possible to hire vehicles for as little as one day, or for an entire year, depending on the customer’s specific requirements. As a result, there is no need for capital expenditure, and the vehicles are immediately available for busy periods. “For us, it is not just about quickly delivering our vehicles, but also about giving all the advice and guidance required. On top of that, our qualified Linde service technicians regularly check and service the trucks and ensure that they are in line with the highest of quality standards,” adds Paulina Juarez. And once the final last-minute Christmas gift has been shipped, the vehicles and accessories can be returned – until the holiday season rolls around again.