What are the advantages of renting a forklift truck?

The vast majority of (intra)logistics companies simply could not operate without forklifts and other warehouse trucks. So they must at some point put together their own dedicated fleet. But what if you don’t need a forklift every day, or just for a limited period? The solution is to rent.

As soon as you have found the right forklift truck for your specific needs, the next question is how to acquire it: buy it new, buy pre-used, lease or rent? Each option has strengths and weakness. If a mobile warehouse asset is only required for a limited period, for example to cope with peak order volumes at Christmas or under exceptional circumstances, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, then renting short-term can make more sense than an outright purchase. We have summarized the benefits.

When speed is of the essence

Imagine a vehicle has broken down, and you need a replacement – pronto. Or you have a sudden surge in business demand, and your existing fleet cannot cope. If you need an extra forklift overnight, the best way is to rent. The equipment is immediately available, delivered to your premises within 24 hours, and collected again when you’re done.

You remain flexible

A day, a week, or several months: you can choose. Trucks can typically be ordered for anywhere between a couple of hours and a year. And if your needs change, you can adjust the term of rental, or even choose a different vehicle.

Diverse options

Forklifts to rent are usually available immediately at multiple locations. You also have a choice of accessories and attachments – so providers are able to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Transparent pricing

A further advantage of rental is that you always have complete cost transparency and control. The rental fee is known from the very outset, and there are no unpleasant surprises. Moreover, you can take out insurance for the event of accidents.

Short-term rental is available from a number of sources, including intralogistics specialist STILL. The company has a fleet portfolio of more than 30,000 vehicles across Europe, and is therefore equipped for diverse customer needs.